Tenant Obligations to PHA

Family Obligations to the Pottsville Housing Authority

Families participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program must comply with Family Obligations as required by HUD regulations and are listed on the voucher. By signing the voucher, you accept these responsibilities and obligations.

The list of Family Obligations is as follows:

Supplying Required Information

The family must supply any information that the Pottsville Housing Authority or HUD has determined as necessary for administration of the program, certification or re-certification of a family. Also included are family income, family composition, and evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status.

Disclosure & Verification of Social Security Numbers

The family must disclose and verify social security numbers and must sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information.

True & Complete

Any information provided by the family must be true and complete.

Compliance with Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

The family is responsible for complying with HQS requirements.

Allowing PHA to Inspect the Unit

The family must allow the Pottsville Housing Authority to inspect the unit at reasonable times after a reasonable notice.

Lease Violations

The family may not commit any serious or repeated violations of the lease.

Notice of Move or Lease Termination

The family must give the Pottsville Housing Authority and owner a 30-day notice in writing before moving out of the unit or terminates the lease on notice to owner.

Owner Eviction Notice

The family must promptly give the Pottsville Housing Authority a copy of any owner eviction notice.

Use & Occupancy for the Unit

The family must use the unit for residence by the family and as the family’s only residence.

Family Member Approval

Family members must be approved by the Pottsville Housing Authority. The family must promptly inform the PHA of any additions to the family (birth of a child, adoption or court awarded custody). Any requested additional household members over the age of 18 must submit an application and have a background check.

Family Member Moves

The family must notify PHA if a family member no longer resides in the unit.

Foster Children

A foster child or live-in aide may reside in the unit after being approved by PHA.

Profit-Making Activities

Family members may engage in legal profit-making activities in the unit providing that such activities are secondary to the primary use of the unit as the family’s residence.


The family must not sublease or sublet the unit.

Assigning or Transferring the Lease

The family must not assign the lease or transfer the unit.

Absence from the Unit

The family must supply to the PHA any information or certification requested to verify that the family is living in the unit or regarding family absences.

Interest or Ownership

The family must not own or have any interest in the unit.

Fraud & Other Program Violations

The family members must not commit fraud, bribery or any other criminal act in connection with the program.

Crime by Family Members

Family members must not engage in drug related or violent criminal activities.

Other Housing Assistance

Assisted families or members may not receive Section 8 assistance while receiving assistance from another housing program for the same unit.

Alcohol or Substance Abuse

The family must not engage in the illegal use of substances, or abuse of alcohol that threatens the health and safety or the right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises by others.