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Pottsville Housing Authority


Due to the concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pottsville Housing Authority has closed its administrative offices to the general public. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure the health and well-being of our housing program participants, our staff and the public while continuing to serve the housing needs of the city of Pottsville. We did not make this decision lightly but feel we need to observe the following limited operations until further notice.

APPLICATIONS: Can be provided upon request by calling the office at (570) 628-2702. 

WORK ORDERS: We will continue to complete emergency work orders, but if anyone in the unit is sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please let us know so that we may take extra precautions. All family members should be masked or in another room while the inspection is performed.

RENT: Rent continues to be due on or before the first of the month. Please mail or drop of payments through the mail slot in the front door of the PHA office. If you are experiencing issues paying rent, please contact us immediately at (570) 628-2702. We are here to help!

INCOME CHANGES: Income changes will continue to be processed with income decreases receiving priority. If any resident/participant experience a change in income, report it via email to jdunnigan@pottsvillehousing.net.  Changes may also be reported by calling (570) 628-2702 or via written notices at the development offices. Please contact us within a week if you do not receive a response from us and let us know that a change has been reported and a rent adjustment is needed.

 While exposure and risk levels are changing daily, it is important to exercise precautionary measures to limit the spread of this virus. We understand that this is a challenging and dynamic time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, using resources from the CDC, the World Health Organization and the City of Pottsville

We remain vigilantly open to modifying our plans as things develop or change and appreciate your continued partnership, support, and understanding as we all work to adapt to this unprecedented situation.


The Mission:
Promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

The Housing Authority of The City of Pottsville shall at all times operate solely for the purpose of providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing for eligible families in a manner which promotes serviceability, economy, efficiency, and stability, along with the social well-being of these families.

Pottsville Housing Authority is committed to achieving the mission of assisting our residents in achieving a life based on the family-centered values of education, vocation, recreation, and other factors which promote self-esteem and self-sufficiency through an economically sound housing program. To this end, our mission addresses the needs of each family member, viewing them as a potential learner and earner.

Operating hours

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 4PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


 NEW UPATE (JUNE 12, 2020)



No Smoking Policy Announcement

The Pottsville Housing Authority is moving ahead with a change in policy mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that requires that public housing buildings become smoke free. The Housing Authority anticipates that the policy will be in place by July 1, 2018.

“Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, breathing, burning, carrying, or possessing any lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, water-pipes (hookahs)  other tobacco products, or similarly lighted smoking material in any manner or in any form including all electronic cigarette products, commonly referred to as “e-cigarettes” which will not be permitted by residents, residents’ guests or any visitor(s) as well as staff anywhere inside the building, including the resident’s apartment, offices, community rooms, maintenance facilities, etc.

In addition, the HUD rule requires that tobacco products or similarly lighted smoking materials may only be used in designated areas outside of public housing buildings that are at least 25 feet from those buildings. The policy will also apply to guests and visitors as well as staff of the Pottsville Housing Authority and contractors employed by the Authority.

The Smoke-free Policy does not mean that residents will have to quit smoking in order to live in public housing. The new policy will only prohibit smoking in a PHA owned building and within 25 feet of PHA owned buildings. Residents, visitors, guests and staff will still be able to smoke outside, as long as they are not within 25 feet of a PHA owned building.

The Pottsville Housing Authority is also making arrangements to offer smoking cessation classes for those residents who are interested in no longer using tobacco products. We will provide more information on these classes in the near future.

The Pottsville Housing Authority will require that all Residents of public housing sign a lease addendum at the time of their lease renewal. Violators of the policy will be given warning before any action begins to terminate their lease.

This new policy acknowledges the health effects of smoking, particularly second hand smoke on non-smokers, as well the maintenance costs associated with units occupied by Residents who smoke.

Link to HUD’s Smoke Ban information webpage is located. . . here.