Bike Helmet Distribution

July 6, 2016

Pottsville police, housing authority distribute bicycle helmets
Originally Published on Republican and Herald

by Frank Andruscavage / Published: July 6, 2016

Pottsville police officers partnered with Pottsville Housing Authority members on Thursday to distribute free bicycle helmets.

Police Sgt. James Joos, along with patrolmen Cody Montz, Jonathan Randolph and Samson Wega, volunteered their off-duty time to work with PHA employees to give children of authority residents who were in need of safety equipment.

Craig Shields, executive director of the PHA, donated all of the helmets distributed and authority site supervisors Mary Alice Leskin, Joseph Piel and Andy Reiley, along with various site employees, assisted the police officers in coordinating distributions at five separate PHA properties.

A total of 80 helmets were distributed during the day and the police also assisted the recipients and their parents with proper fitting of the equipment as well as providing information on proper wear and additional bike safety tips.

The helmet distribution was part of a department-wide initiative that all of the patrol watches are participating in for Chief Richard F. Wojciechowsky.

As part of the initiative, each patrol shift sergeant and his officers were asked to collaborate in identifying a specific aspect or item for their squad to focus on during the summer months that will provide positive change to the community.

“These special projects are being done in addition to the multitude of beneficial services the patrol officers perform to help the City of Pottsville during the course of their duties on a daily basis,” Wojciechowsky said.